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The report has been created on Feb 11, 2016 18:59:09
The IP address belongs to China Telecom Chongqing ISP in Chongqing (Chongqing, 33), China (29.5627994537 and 106.55280304). The hostname is
China (People's Republic of China, CHN) is a Upper middle income country in East Asia & Pacific. The currency is Chinese yuan.
As of Feb 11, 2016 18:59:09 we have 1 complaint(s) about Based on our records, the has been involved in firewall alert, etc.

IP Address Country:  China (CN)
IP Address Region:33 Chongqing
IP Address City:Chongqing
IP Postal Code
IP Address Area Code0
IP Metro Code0
IP Address Latitude:29.5627994537
IP Address Longitude:106.55280304
IP Address ISP: China Telecom Chongqing
IP Address Proxy:
IP Address Host:
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We have 1 complaints about

>6 years agoPort scans - in Firewall Alert
"After blocking 2 diffrent IPs from china, including one with over 100 diffrent complains, I'm beeing scanned by this guy:

Your computer's TCP ports:
1080, 3128, 444, and 8000 have been scanned from

WTF is going on? Those are repeated scans, every few hours, all from morons from china... "


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inetnum: -
netname: CHINANET-CQ
descr: CHINANET Chongqing province network
descr: China Telecom
descr: A12,Xin-Jie-Kou-Wai Street
descr: Beijing 100088
country: CN
admin-c: CH93-AP
tech-c: CQ235-AP
changed: hostmaster@ns.chinanet.cn.net 20021209
source: APNIC

address: The mainstreet 3 daping ,chongqing data communication bureau
country: CN
phone: +862368614888
fax-no: +862368602314
e-mail: abuse@cta.cq.cn
trouble: send spam reports to abuse@cta.cq.cn
trouble: and abuse reports to abuse@cta.cq.cn
admin-c: ZL235-AP
tech-c: ZL235-AP
nic-hdl: CQ235-AP
remarks: http://www.cta.cq.cn
notify: abuse@cta.cq.cn
changed: abuse@cta.cq.cn 20030917
source: APNIC

person: Chinanet Hostmaster
nic-hdl: CH93-AP
e-mail: anti-spam@ns.chinanet.cn.net
address: No.31 ,jingrong street,beijing
address: 100032
phone: +86-10-58501724
fax-no: +86-10-58501724
country: CN
changed: dingsy@cndata.com 20070416
source: APNIC

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