SMTP fraud

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>2 years ago France194.158.98.77"message recu"
>2 years ago Nigeria41.138.182.85"419 Scam out of Lagos"
>2 years ago Nigeria41.58.24.8"He faked as an hiring manager"
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>2 years ago Brazil177.189.212.226" using my domain"
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>2 years ago Viet Nam203.210.242.130"Trying to log in to Administrator account in Mail server"
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>3 years ago France80.12.242.130"Fraud Emails from this server"
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>4 years ago United States75.98.5.200"SCAM/SPAMM????? BOTH?"
>4 years ago United States75.98.5.200"SCAM/SPAMM????? BOTH?"
>4 years ago United States216.26.224.157"Hacked"
>4 years ago Taiwan, Province Of China114.43.0.38"Attempting to use my server to forward email"
>4 years ago United States98.139.213.55"SMTP Spam"
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>4 years ago Egypt82.129.243.45"Potential Spam"
>4 years ago United States216.214.153.238" attempting to relay through MTA"
>4 years ago Canada70.38.53.151"Gmail account"
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>4 years ago Nigeria41.190.3.215"Attempt at Identity theft"
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>4 years ago Australia203.29.87.201"Attempted to hack - these r the tuffest SMTP servers in the world :) "
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