HTTP fraud

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>6 months ago Norway91.213.203.203"Imitrk.com "
>6 months ago Norway91.213.203.203"Fraud and Id theft"
>6 months ago Norway91.213.203.203"Fraud and Id theft"
>10 months ago United Kingdom83.170.124.85"Metalblaze.com"
>10 months ago United Kingdom83.170.124.85"ascatrural and Imitrk.com "
>1 year ago United States174.129.248.143"this IP address is attempting to inject malware via Any Video Converter's free .exe file"
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>1 year ago "browser hijack"
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>1 year ago Philippines112.198.90.90"Accessed my Facebook illegally"
>1 year ago United States93.184.215.73"unauthorized acces"
>2 years ago Netherlands109.235.51.164"[1:2281:15] SERVER-WEBAPP Setup.php access"
>2 years ago""
>2 years ago Russian Federation91.218.230.135"fraud "
>2 years ago United States207.182.140.122"XMLRPC Hacking"
>2 years ago United States54.187.16.9"IP trying to access https 443"
>2 years ago Germany62.141.43.66"WEB-ATTACKS GNU Bash Code Injection Vulnerability"
>2 years ago"ON MY WIFI"
>2 years ago China113.108.152.186"web scraper bot activity"
>3 years ago Turkey185.4.227.194"Strange requests/proxying"
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>3 years ago Turkey185.4.227.194"strange requests/proxying"
>3 years ago Turkey185.4.227.194"Strange requests/proxying"
>3 years ago Turkey88.240.204.97"Thousands of Hits on my Domain from Turkey Ip's"
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>4 years ago"gmail account hijack"
>4 years ago"gmail account hijack"
>4 years ago China116.254.203.24"This ip is scanning my servers"
>4 years ago China116.254.203.24"This ip is scanning my servers"
>4 years ago United States38.99.82.191"HTTP Fraud 2012-11-29"
>4 years ago Germany194.95.249.23"covert channel exploit"
>4 years ago China119.254.67.206"i want to recover my facebook account which has been hacked"
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>4 years ago China58.218.199.227"proxyproxys.com"
>4 years ago Russian Federation91.201.64.28"Bad Site!"
>4 years ago Ireland46.51.177.110"Access attempts to server"
>4 years ago China218.249.78.2"System Access - File does not exist: /var/www/html/eFIR/catalog/manager"
>4 years ago United States209.67.188.5"attempted to hack my youtube account"
>4 years ago United States209.67.188.5"Attempted hack"
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>4 years ago Korea, Republic Of211.202.2.109"unauthorized logim blocked"
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>4 years ago Hong Kong219.90.127.174"DMCA Take Down Notice "
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>4 years ago"Web server (phpmyadmin) attack"
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>5 years ago Russian Federation81.17.24.83"PHP code injection"
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>5 years ago Russian Federation81.17.24.83"PHP Injection"
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>5 years ago Russian Federation81.17.24.83"PHP Injection"
>5 years ago Russian Federation81.17.24.83"PHP injection"
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