DNS cache poisoning

>8 months ago China36.4.104.0"DNS server hijack"
>10 months ago United States209.18.47.61"ET TROJAN DNS Reply Sinkhole - Anubis -"
>11 months ago Virgin Islands (british)" everything in my LAN is resolving to When I ping"
>1 year ago United Kingdom162.13.60.10"Computer problems"
>1 year ago"constant computer interruptions; bogus error messages, and all around computer malfuctions. "
>1 year ago Australia61.9.193.135"dns hacking"
>1 year ago Romania109.163.235.115"Malwarebytes blocking continuous outbound requests"
>1 year ago China61.160.213.56"lot of traffic coming from this address"
>1 year ago United Kingdom62.6.40.162"DNS redirection "
>1 year ago China61.160.213.108" GET http://zc.qq.com/cgi-bin/chs/numreg/init? HTTP/1.0" "
>1 year ago United States209.18.47.61"DNS Cache Poisoning"
>1 year ago United States67.222.49.209"see"
>1 year ago Virgin Islands (british)"dns poisoning"
>1 year ago Australia203.42.0.162"telstra blocking google"
>1 year ago Australia203.42.38.251"telstra blocking google"
>1 year ago Romania109.163.231.168"ROM-0 Vulnerability"
>1 year ago Netherlands93.190.140.223"hy!"
>1 year ago Virgin Islands (british)"Poisoning of domain puc.sc"
>1 year ago Virgin Islands (british)"puc.sc"
>2 years ago France195.154.48.214"DGHDGHSFDFASD"
>2 years ago United States54.175.102.143"Attack name: Fake Codes Website 6 from ec2-54-175-102-143...XQmSdG1P1QUI1yDuYJ000.)"
>2 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"any name resolves to"
>2 years ago Netherlands89.248.172.172"malwarebytes alerts blocking"
>2 years ago Canada64.59.184.15"DNS Posioning"
>2 years ago United States70.59.126.222"LAN ACCESS"
>2 years ago United States209.18.47.61"TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan"
>2 years ago United States65.54.190.125"spam"
>2 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"DNS lookup"
>2 years ago Netherlands89.248.172.172"Ecatel DNS intrusions"
>3 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"paciolan.com is hosed due to this IP"
>3 years ago United States173.245.59.138"dns attack"
>3 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"We have problem with this ip"
>3 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"All my domains resolve to this IP"
>3 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"All my domains resolve to this IP"
>3 years ago United States209.18.47.61"I dnt know what's going on"
>3 years ago United States173.194.33.73"Google & Apple only connections while my IP is showing Wrong"
>3 years ago Virgin Islands (british)"Intercepted our mail server"
>3 years ago China61.174.51.209"BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!"
>3 years ago China222.186.62.61""
>3 years ago Sri Lanka112.134.232.128"he is trying hack my hotmail account"
>3 years ago "Used in optins of unsolited nature "
>3 years ago United States209.18.47.62"stop this ip"
>4 years ago United States173.170.191.245"unknown taken over ip"
>4 years ago United States173.170.191.245"unknown taken over ip"
>4 years ago"eset note smart security 5 detects DNS Cache Poisoning"
>4 years ago"I have had 2 attacks tonight from this iep"
>4 years ago United States63.209.69.107"Keep getting redirected to this address"
>4 years ago United States209.18.47.62"repeated offender"
>4 years ago China58.218.199.227"Multifaceted Attack"
>4 years ago United States208.91.197.132"DNS Poisoning www.virtuferries.com"
>4 years ago Nepal124.41.215.79"No google Cache"
>4 years ago United States209.18.47.61"hacking me?"
>4 years ago United States209.18.47.61"hacking me?"
>4 years ago United States63.209.69.107"Google searches are redirected to this IP address"
>4 years ago Finland88.114.45.66"XMAS LOAN OFFER I CAN HELP.."
>4 years ago"DNS Cache Poisoing "
>4 years ago"illicit DNS resquests"
>4 years ago""
>4 years ago Canada199.243.65.249"attacks"
>4 years ago Turkey46.45.170.6"copyright removal"
>4 years ago United States173.193.106.10"DNS hack"
>4 years ago Hong Kong180.150.140.238"DNS flood requests"
>4 years ago United States208.91.197.132"nwra.com redicted."
>4 years ago China122.225.114.207"Internet Problems"
>4 years ago Philippines121.1.3.250"dns cache poisoning"
>4 years ago United States69.30.25.205"Denial Of Attack"
>4 years ago Hong Kong180.150.140.238""
>4 years ago"selling fresh cvv cc dumps bank log in track 1/2 transfer wu"
>4 years ago"selling fresh cvv cc dumps bank log in track 1/2 transfer wu"
>4 years ago Hong Kong180.150.140.238"DoS attack against my router"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"I am the owner of irishindependentescorts.com"
>4 years ago United States173.204.219.106"to much unwanted dns-querys"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Attack also in germany"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Continuous DNS attacks"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Constant DNS attack"
>4 years ago"Hacking, Phishing, hijacking, SQL injections plus ruined 4 of my computers-4years"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Update"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Update"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"**UPDATE**"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Constant flood of DNS requests from this host"
>4 years ago United States205.152.144.23"DNS Cache Poisoning"
>4 years ago Germany178.76.130.148"DNS cache poioning "
>4 years ago"Sell Cvv + Transfer WU + Bank Login + Dumsp + Paypal ...."
>4 years ago United States208.91.197.132"cityofmobile.org DNS cache poisoning"
>4 years ago China61.166.150.101"Multiple SYN_SENT"
>4 years ago Bulgaria85.196.146.66"tibia gold"
>4 years ago United States184.106.60.169"Flood DNS"
>4 years ago United States174.139.244.165"DNS Flood"
>4 years ago United States173.192.122.19"Flooding DNS"
>4 years ago Bahrain217.17.247.134"Flooding DNS"
>4 years ago Czech Republic93.170.92.210"Ban IP address"
>4 years ago"disturbing and stop internet access"
>4 years ago Luxembourg212.117.161.222"traffic flooding"
>4 years ago United States70.32.35.236"DNS Attacks Amplification requests"
>4 years ago Bahrain217.17.247.134"Flooding DNS"
>4 years ago United States75.75.76.76"attempted"
>4 years ago United States70.32.35.236"DNS Attacks Amplification requests"
>4 years ago United States70.32.35.236"DNS Attacks Amplification requests"
>4 years ago Luxembourg212.117.161.222"DNS Attacks (DNS Amplification) flooding"
>4 years ago China211.141.86.248"Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.Worm.Helkern"